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No Excuses

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Let me start off by saying something you’ve probably heard a few times: “The body is a temple.”

Often, one has to ensure their temple is still standing and spring-cleaned. That being said, I do my best trying to maintain my 27-year-old temple as someone who fell off from the hype of being part of a gym, buying the best-researched whey protein, and experimenting with creatine smoothies – maintaining my temple has been a bit of a challenge.

But as the title states, there’s no excuse for me to slack on my body’s health. Even for you reading this, there’s no excuse to “let yourself go” unless you genuinely have a disorder or disability. So, for those of you who don’t subscribe to gyms but still want to maintain your temples, I hope this article gives you a good start.


I’d say the best place to start is to find your motivation to keep your body in check. For most folks, it’s to attract a partner or get laid whereas for others, it’s not liking how they look in the mirror or in photos.

For me, who has a partner and hates my reflection and pictures, well … my motivation is to just last longer during sex and not huff and puff after climbing the stairs. Having a reason to exercise will do wonders for the consistency of your workouts. Some people I know (gamers and anime fans), just want to look like their favorite character in terms of body shape.

Whatever your reason, the message here is to just have one!

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What’s your excuse?

Easy to Start, Easy to Do

So, you’ve decided to no longer be lazy with your body, but your brain is still lazy to look for workouts, meal prep, and all that jazz. Well, the beauty of modern technology is that it brings apps to the palm of your hand, which provide you with great solutions.

If you’re just getting started or returning after a long absence, I would highly recommend starting out as simple as possible. Trust me, when you pick a strenuous workout plan, you will quickly get lazy and lack consistency: the same way your body can’t lift heavy weights when you start out is the same way your brain won’t want to stick to a hectic workout plan. Starting simply with 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, and even 5 triceps dips and calling it a day is more than enough and your body will still thank you for it.

Of course, if your body can take more, go for it! A place I’d highly recommend checking out is DAREBEE 1800+ Workouts.

Food, Glorious FOOD

Ah yes, as they say, 60% of a great body is the diet. I think I heard that somewhere …

I’m not a dietician so I won’t tell you what foods to eat, what food groups do what, and blah, blah, blah; what I can tell you through observation, though, is to cut out the sweets and limit sugar in your coffee/tea – water is literally Jesus Juice and tastes great when icy cold. Like any addiction, one day a month is fine to get your fix (don’t quote me on this. If you have an addiction, find help but with cheat meals for working out, once a month is fine). Now go and sweat!

That’s it, really. You honestly shouldn’t have any excuse to be unfit or lazy to start working out. It’s genuinely easy given the fact that there are different intensity levels and so many options. Even old folk in elderly homes get up and do some Tae Bo or aerobics.

So, shake what your momma gave ya, put in some elbow grease, and make that skin vinegar drip! You’ve got this!


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