Me, having a good time.Hi, I’m Max. A millennial gamer, anime enthusiast, pastime bookworm, Chelsea FC supporter, and last, but not least, a gym rat. It’s quite a lot, I know, but for better or for worse I nurture a wide taste and interest in things.

I graduated with a BA in Journalism, and went on to get Honors in (firstly) English and (secondly) Professional Writing and Translation — yes, you guessed it, I’m a writer and fitness is one of the things I love writing about!

With that said, I’m a certified ISSA fitness coach who enjoys the fitness lifestyle. I made this blog/site because I wanted to share my enthusiasm with others while trying to provide information and commentary on fitness and the industry.

In that pursuit, I hope this site can be one of many helpful resources for you and many others as you learn, grow, and utilize information in the pursuit of your ideal bodies and/or healths.

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